hapsarikyuku owner:

name: indri hapsari.

born: 06, september, 1996.

i live in Semarang.

i have 3 sibling’s.

now i’m school in SMA FUTUHIYYAH.

i’m is Kpopers first ELF! I really love super junior especially Cho Kyuhyun and Lee Sungmin.

i wanna to become a writer or a lawyer. I’m happy with the new things.

I have a math phobia.

I love to learn a foreign language especially English, japanese and Korean 😀

I’m a cool girl, oddly enough, but be nice 😀 I rarely monologue to myself to think evil of others, I was a shy, good at keeping secrets, good listener, like helping people I regard as friends.

I have a complaint lately 😦 two years ago I was addicted to fanfiction! especially ff KyuMin 😀

and the thing that made my score down 😦 The saddest thing happened to me at 7 november 2012 ..

on the date that my father went to god 😦 I miss my father, a sudden crying at the memory 😦

resolutions this year: the father received in heaven, my mother healthy and long life, I have a handsome boyfriend and loyal, I added a smart, able to watch the concert super show 5!!! god bless us all 😀


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